Preparing Your Home

Your property needs to be made as appealing as possible. Listed below are some ideas and suggestions to make your property look its best for the prospective buyer.

The Exterior

Drive-up appeal (the first look a prospective buyer has of your home) is crucial. Stand in front of your home and objectively notice how the house appears from this view. This first impression will be lasting so be certain that your entrance is appealing that all your exterior lights are in working order, that your landscaping is in top form and that all pet, child and hobby equipment
are out of sight. Also, make sure that the exterior paint is in as good a condition as possible. Chipped and cracked paint on your trim or front door may tell the buyer that the inside is in the same condition.


Remove any clutter such as excess furniture and stacks of magazines and papers. Arrange all closets in a neat and orderly fashion. When applicable, remove out-ofseason clothes to another storage area. Th e appearance of storage space is a must. It sometimes helps to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes…think of opening a closet door and being overwhelmed by numerous belts, ties and shoe boxes.


Everyone likes a bright environment. A dark room leaves the impression that something is being hidden; it also cuts down on the feeling of space. Wherever possible, clean all major windows (those which could be looked through from the outside) both inside and out. Just before showing the property, turn on as many lights as possible to balance the lighting inside with the outside and create a warm, bright mood in each room. Make sure that no bulbs are burned out or missing.


When showing the property on warm days, be certain the house is cooled with cross window or door
ventilation. Keep air conditioning filters changed regularly and be certain that there is no dirt or dust on the air conditioning vents. Air your house regularly to keep it smelling fresh and clean. Control pet odors through appropriate ventilation.

Kitchens & Baths

Make sure all kitchen appliances are spotless including a clean range and oven. Remove clutter from kitchen countertops and be certain there are no appliances operating when the property is shown. Remove any small items from the bathroom countertops and keep the commode lids closed when showing the property. Caulking around tubs and showers can be done easily with handy squeeze-tube caulking available at any hardware store.


Make sure everything is as neat and clean as possible. Remove any trash and clutter, repair any damage to walls, and if needed, paint the garage floor.

Added Touches

If it is winter, have a fi re burning in the fi replace when the property is being shown. Remove all odors from the house and avoid any unnecessary noises such as television, vacuum cleaner, telephone conversations, and washers and dryers. When showing the property, it is always best for the client to feel at home, a feeling best obtained when there is no one else in the house. Children, relatives, friends, staff , pets and others should leave the property prior to the showing. Probably the most important person that needs to be out of the house is the owner (to avoid any subjective description of the house). If you have pets, it is recommended they be kept out of the way or out of the house. Some people are uneasy around animals, which may detract from the prospect’s attention to your property.


The most important thing to remember is that prospects do not want to recognize that people live in a house they are considering. It is their single most important purchase and they want it to be nothing short of perfect. Th ese suggestions have proven to hasten a successful sale and should be heeded.