Love Santa Fe: Farolito Time

Love Santa Fe: Farolito Time

Is it a farolito?  Or a luminaria?  The humble brown paper bag with sand and a candle inside is the magic lantern of Santa Fe.



But what to call it?  In Santa Fe, we call it a farolito.  Luminaria is the name for a little bonfire.  Both are part of a unique Santa Fe tradition:  The Canyon Road Farolito Walk on Christmas Eve.*

There are so many things to enjoy at this time of year:  Concerts, skiing, new museum exhibits, shopping, dining, The Nutcracker Ballet at the Lensic, the Winter Farmers Market, model trains at First National Bank on the Plaza, music and good cheer at hotels and restaurants, the Plaza lights.  Pick your favorites and enjoy!

Santa Fe – where a candle in a paper bag lights the way to a season of enchantment. 

*Click here to learn more about the Farolito Walk.  For a list of upcoming events in and around Santa Fe, click here .

PS:  Wondering what to call the plug-in version of the farolito?  Electrolito, of course!