Gonzales Community School

851 W. Alameda , Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501


About Gonzales Community School
Grade Levels Served: K - 8
Enrollment: 517

School’s Mission:
Gonzales School is a safe, healthy learning community where being respectful, responsible, and motivated go hand in hand.

Our School’s Operations and Functions
Gonzales Community School participates in programs that have been adopted by the Santa Fe Public Schools’. Below is a listing of our school’s programs:

  • Treasures Language Arts
  • Everyday Math
  • Experiential Science grade K-8 (using kits from the Center For Hands-On Learning)
  • Outdoor Garden Activities K-8
  • General Music K-5
  • Middle School Music Pilot Program (Strings/Orchestra, Choir, Band)
  • Computer Technology
  • Physical Education
  • Cooking With Kids
  • National Dance Institute
  • Why Our School is Unique:
  • Gonzales School is considered unique by our grade configuration. We are one of two pilot K-8 Schools within the District. We are currently in the fourth year of the conversion. Our community finds that this option has served our students in a positive manner.

We are very proud of being a pilot music program for the Santa Fe Public School. We have found that the arts have enriched our middle school students. Last year we had the first class of eighth grade students’ move on the high school level. Many of these kids continued to be involved with music program at the higher level.

For SY 2009–10:
Our Student Achievement Awards:
We had nine students compete in the Santa Fe Public School’s Science Expo.

Our Other Accomplishments:
Gonzales Community School has been staging for a multimillion dollar construction project.